At TECHNOgates, we can supply and install car park ticket machines for commercial and private car parks across Melbourne. We supply ticket machines in a range of configurations designed to operate with various car park boom gates and access control systems. Whether you’re looking to restrict or monitor car park access or you need a fast and efficient way to process parking payments we can design and install a system customised to your specific requirements.
We supply ticket dispensing machines for car park entry, at-gate ticket reading and payment systems, standalone curbside ticket machines and more.
Our ticketing machines and payment systems can feature a range of functionality including:
Our expert technicians can provide on-site consultations to determine what type of ticket machine and payment processing system will best suit your car park. We can assess your requirements and provide expert advice, recommendations and suggestions. We can then handle the full system design and installation from start to finish.
We also provide complete servicing, repairs and maintenance for all automated gate systems and car park ticketing machines and payment systems.

Car Park Boom Gates

At TECHNOgates, we can supply and install a wide range of car park boom gates, chain gates and boom barriers for businesses throughout Melbourne and across Australia. We can integrate a range of ticket machines, access systems and payment systems into all our gates to ensure you get the most efficient and effective system for your car park.

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