At TECHNOgates, we design, manufacture, and install custom-designed boom gates for premises in Melbourne, Brisbane, and across Australia. Whatever your access priorities – whether it’s security, safety, access monitoring, or traffic control – we design a boom gate and access control system to suit the specific requirements of your business.

Car Park Boom Gates and Boom Barriers

We offer a range of custom-designed boom barriers and gate systems, including manual boom gates, chain gates, fence gates, straight arm and folding barriers, and more.

We have more than 25 years’ experience and a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians who can work with you to create a practical and secure gating solution. We’ve worked with an extensive range of commercial and industrial clients in Melbourne and across Australia providing premium boom gate solutions.
We offer a range of access control systems for our boom gates and automated gate systems including
We are the supplier of custom-design boom gate systems to suit various applications such as car parking, traffic control, pedestrian control, security checkpoints, inspection points, site access control, and more.

Whatever your car park barrier system & boom gate requirements, the team at TECHNOgates is ready to provide expert gating solutions for your business.

Other Services

At TECHNOgates, we design, manufacture, install and supply a wide range of boom barriers, automatic & manual security boom gates, and automated electric gate systems for homes and businesses in Melbourne and across Australia. Whether you’re looking for automatic sliding or swing driveway gates for your home, commercial boom gates for your business, or ultra-durable and secure industrial sliding gates, we can help.

We also provide a complete range of automatic gate repairs, installation, and maintenance services for clients across Melbourne and Australia. We can handle all the repairs and preventative maintenance, whatever type of automatic boom gate or access control system.

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For premium quality, custom-designed boom gate & barrier systems in Melbourne, Brisbane, & Australia, talk with our experts at TECHNOgates. Give us call at 1300 923 224 or contact us online.