TECHNOgates offers a range of automated gate access control systems for residential and commercial clients across Melbourne. From basic key switch and remote control gates through to computerised entry/exit data management systems, we can design, manufacture and install a gate system suited to your specific needs. 

We offer a wide range of access control systems including:

  • Key pad
  • Swipe card
  • GMS gate openers
  • Smartphone access systems
  • Hand remote control systems
  • Motion detection openers
  • Key switches
  • Ground loop


Access Control Systems Melbourne

With a TECHNOgates access control system you will have complete control and visibility over every access point to your property. We can set up data tracking so you have a full record of who is entering your premises and when. With our access systems you can restrict access to specific locations or times, as well as controlling who enters the property.

We can design and install gates and access systems for residential and commercial clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, or across Australia. We can handle large or small installations, multi-site installations, apartment complexes and gated community systems, home automation systems, and more.

We can handle all your car park access and traffic control requirements. We supply a range of gate, access, and payment systems including access pay stations, straight arm barrier gates, boom gates, road spikes, automatic bollards, access pay stations, and temperature control small and large shopping center access gates all over Australia.

Our access control systems are compatible with a wide range of gate types including boom gates, electric gates, solar gates, industrial sliding gates, commercial gates, cantilever gates, bi-folding gates, swing gates and more.

Automatic Gate Repairs - Melbourne

Our team of engineers and technicians provides a complete range of automatic gate repairs and maintenance services for clients across Melbourne and around Australia. Whatever type of automatic gate or access control system, we can handle all the repairs and preventative maintenance.

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